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Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Emin USTA

Sakarya University

Sakarya University has; Science and literature faculty, medicine faculty, technology faculty, engineering faculty, art faculty, agriculture faculty and Education faculty. We have 7 departments in Education Faculty. These departments are composed of “classroom teaching (primary school teachers training program/primary special education program), art teaching, music teaching, English teaching, Science education (This section provides health, self-care and first aid trainings.). Math and Science teaching. Also we have 7 master program. We have about 2600 students in Education Faculty. We are training school teachers, parents and school managers via in-service training courses. Our main activity is to improve education including adult education. As Sakarya University Faculty of Education, we have a department for adult people.The department offers special training courses for prospective teachers in other departments. This course deals with the process of inclusion of adult peoples. Within the scope of these trainings for adult learners; • Music courses • Painting, • Management of Conflict • New teaching metods • Management of time • Reading and writing learning course for illeterate person • Emotional adjustment difficulties • Social adjustment difficulties • Art education We train all teachers and person about these types of topics. With these trainings, four objectives are targeted. These: • Equal Opportunity • Full participation in life • Independent Living • Economically self-sufficiency • Self improvment.

Project Team

Assoc. Dr. Mehmet Emin USTA

Prof. Dr. Mustafa BAYRAKÇI

Prof. Dr. Rüştü YEŞİL

Researcher Dr. Mehmet UYMAZ

Assoc. Prof. Mithat TAKUNYACI

Researcher Dr. Cansu BAYRAKÇI

Dr. Zekai AYIK


Dr. Tuba YAVAŞ

Researcher Dr. Kübra AYIK