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Sakarya Univesrsity

Sakarya University has; Science and literature faculty, medicine faculty, technology faculty, engineering faculty, art faculty, agriculture faculty and Education faculty.

We have 7 departments in Education Faculty. These departments are composed of “classroom teaching (primary school teachers training program/primary special education program), art teaching, music teaching, English teaching, Science education (This section provides health, self-care and first aid trainings.). Math and Science teaching. Also we have 7 master program. We have about 2600 students in Education Faculty.

We are training school teachers, parents and school managers via in-service training courses. Our main activity is to improve education including adult education.

As Sakarya University Faculty of Education, we have a department for adult people.The department offers special training courses for prospective teachers in other departments. This course deals with the process of inclusion of adult peoples. Within the scope of these trainings for adult learners;

  • Music courses
  • Painting,
  • Management of Conflict
  • New teaching metods
  • Management of time
  • Reading and writing learning course for illeterate person
  • Emotional adjustment difficulties
  • Social adjustment difficulties
  • Art education

We train all teachers and person about these types of topics. With these trainings, four objectives are targeted. These:

  • Equal Opportunity
  • Full participation in life
  • Independent Living
  • Economically self-sufficiency
  • Self improvment

Learnmera Oy

Learnmera / Finland

Learnmera Oy is a private language education and translation provider in the greater Helsinki area, which provides business language lessons, translations, and proofreading services. Courses are offered in the major Nordic and European languages, as well as beginners’ courses in English, Finnish, Swedish, French, German and Russian. Learnmera Oy has considerable experience in educational resource creation, website creation, and app content building as well as online vocational courses. Their free published language learning and cultural material online have had hundreds of thousands of downloads to this day. Learnmera Oy has been active within different European projects since 2008.
In addition to the above-mentioned services, Learnmera also provides IT services especially directed towards corporate clients and institutions that want to improve their customer interfaces and social media presence.
A list of projects Learnmera has previously worked on can be found here.
Veronica Gelfgren
+358 45 169 5454

Asociatia Edulifelong

Asociația Edulifelong is a non-profit organization founded in 2013, which promotes an alternative to the actual educational and training system, a different way of understanding the teaching-learning processes, by offering high quality non-formal education and also training to adults (mainly teachers but also youth workers) as well as young people. The institution is a Training Center that provides training in instructional and assessment strategies, uniquely tailored to the needs of educators, teachers working in the school environment. The current offer consists in two courses: “Make Maths and Science teaching attractive!” and “From teachers to facilitators and moderators of a student-centered learning process”.

Asociația Edulifelong’s trainees are teachers from Romania and from other European countries. The Association also assists young people to apply for local, national and European funds and enables them meeting other youngsters through the planned project and activities. We are doing our best to help them to acquire personal and professional growth.

We have a serious team of facilitators, trainers and educators and the right range of participants, thanks to our wide local and national partnerships involving, schools, universities, rural communities and municipalities.

Traiblazers Network Trapani Erasmus Generation APS (Associazone di Promozione Sociale)​

Trailblazers Network Trapani Erasmus Generation APS / Sicily

The Trailblazers of the team started their experiences in the international environment with the amazing Programme Erasmus+ for studying, since 2014.

The Programme Erasmus+ for traineeship enriched their skills, this time with a stronger connection with the working opportunities.
Coming a more mature age, other occasions of personal growth and networking are constantly given by smaller exchanges opportunities, such as Youth Exchanges, Training courses, Seminars, VET formation, etc;

We tried to be the Trailblazers for the Erasmus Student Network Candidate Section of Trapani (ESN Trapani – Candidate Section) but, because of the pandemic, plus some internal issues, this purpose did not work out (at least for now…). Thanks to the experience collected during the European Solidarity Corps, in the field of project management, the team had the “final kick” to bring international projects to the territory of Trapani, West Sicily.

During the years the team contributed to the development of international mobility providing consultancy and assistance to many institutions and organisations, as well as, through them, to local and international people. Therefore The Trailblazers Network Trapani Erasmus Generation (A.P.S.: “Association for Social Development”, “Associazione di Promozione Sociale”, registered according to the italian legislation), may seem a young organisation, as it was founded only in 2021, but its team can count on multiple experiences in the field of international projects. More recently some members of the team have been involved in many Erasmus mobility activities.

Since the registration on EuLogin portal, in 2021, the organisation and its team are proving themselves in different kind of partnerships and projects at the international level, dealing with the many aspects of the management in a proficient way.


The Academy for International Science and Research (AISR) is an award-winning International centre of excellence for B-STEMM (Business and STEMM) education. AISR is Ireland’s first independent, UK accredited STEM Institute, offering internationally recognised undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to the highest standards in Business, Science, Mathematics, Information Technology, Education, Para Medical and Medical studies.

Our Irish headquarters is located in Letterkenny, Ireland and and we also have campuses in the UK and India. AISR also offers:

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses, whether you are a teacher, trainer, parent you will find a course that suits you.
  • STEM and CLIL training for teachers
  • Cultural Visits
  • Coding, Medicine and Entrepreneurship summer school (virtual and physical)
  • Curriculum and Content development
  • Educational consultancy
  • Software Development
  • Augmented reality (AR)/game and app development.

We developed our own: VR chemistry lab, where students carry out step by step practicals in an immersive environment. We bring our educational posters to life with AR videos. We developed educational mobile games and apps, which combine various STEM subjects and concepts in order for students to learn in a fun way.